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Evaluating Online International Business Degrees

There are real advantages to considering an accredited online degree in international business. Completing a respected online program may give you access to global thought-leaders, industry bigwigs and contacts from around the world. You’ll also gain a lot of practice with tools and technologies that international businesses love (e.g. online collaboration projects, virtual meetings, etc.).

But before you sign on the dotted line, check to see if the program has:

  • Regional accreditation
  • Business school accreditation
  • Strong “brick and mortar” reputation (e.g. top school rankings, exciting research centers and distinguished alumni)
  • Programs that arrange internships, practicums and/or capstone projects with multinational corporations
  • Options for overseas travel and language exposure
  • Great online rankings in U.S. News & World Report
  • The same experienced faculty who teach on-campus courses teaching online
  • Dedicated distance learning support services
  • Career management and portfolio preparation
  • Verifiable job placement figures and low attrition rates

School Selections

California Lutheran University

The MBA program at California Lutheran University has an international business track that students can complete entirely online if they choose, or they can mix on-campus courses with online offerings. Online classes are delivered in eight-week terms, with five terms per year. This is a 45-credit program that students can complete in one to three years. The Cal Lutheran MBA program emphasizes experiential learning and gives students the option of taking part in travel seminars to China and Europe. The university's career services department works closely with MBA students to help them find appropriate internships.

Central Michigan University

The College of Graduate Studies at Central Michigan University offers an online Master of Science in Administration in International Administration. This is a 36-credit interdisciplinary degree for students who have a background in management or administration. Courses cover global finance, marketing, and law and help students understand cultural systems to prepare for international work. All students are required to complete a capstone, which could be an applied research project or an administrative portfolio. While not required, students are encouraged to complete an internship experience. Central Michigan's online graduate programs tied for the 29th spot on the 2017 U.S. News rankings of best graduate education.

  • Advanced Placement Credit

26,825 Students

Colorado State University-Global Campus

It's easy to study international business at Colorado State University-Global Campus, no matter the major. Undergraduates can add a 15-credit specialization in international business when they are completing their degree in one of 12 majors, including business management, IT, or project management. Graduate students can earn an online Master of International Management, or they can add a 12-credit specialization in international management to a degree such as finance, criminal justice, or human resource management. The graduate specialization is also available as a non-degree certificate of completion, which allows students to apply the credits toward a master's degree at CSU-Global if they decide to continue their education later.

Columbia College

Columbia College offers an online program leading to a bachelor's degree in business administration with a major in international business. Students may determine whether to pursue a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in the subject. To earn the degree, students must complete at least 120 credits. These include about 40 credits in general education requirements, 51 credits in core business courses such as accounting, business law, and management science, and 18 credits in international business courses. Required classes include cross-cultural management, global marketing, and international finance, as well as two electives. International business majors are required to take at least two semesters of a foreign language, and the program recommends minoring in a language.

Cuyahoga Community College District

Cuyahoga Community College, or Tri-C, offers an entirely online program for students who want to earn an Associate of Applied Business in Business Management with a concentration in International Business. The program is geared to professionals who want the degree because they are dealing with international responsibilities in their jobs and for new college students who want a career in global business. To earn the degree, students must complete several general education requirements, including taking a foreign language. Business courses cover topics such as global marketing strategies, export documentation, foreign manufacturing logistics, and the etiquette of international communications.

Davenport University

Davenport University offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business through its Davenport Online division. To earn the degree, students must complete 39 credits in general studies, 32 credits in business core courses, and the requirements for the major. Some of the required classes for the major include business research, international finance, international business law, and international marketing. Options for experiential learning include a study abroad experience or an international management internship. International business students also must take at least two semesters of a foreign language and finish the degree with a capstone project. Online courses are normally seven weeks long, although some are 15 weeks long.

Florida International University

Students interested in international business can earn a master's degree or undergraduate degree in the subject thorough online programs offered by Florida International University. The online Master of International Business is a 36-credit program that is offered in an accelerated, one-year format. Students enter the program in the fall with a cohort, and the cohort members take two eight-week courses at a time. Coursework includes a project where students work as a team to solve strategic or operational problems presented by an international company. The Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in International Business requires students to complete 21 credits in lower-level core requirements before they can begin taking upper-level core business courses and courses in the major.

Forsyth Technical Community College

Forsyth Tech has introduced an International Business track that is open to students who are pursuing an Associate in Applied Science in Business Administration. All the classes for the degree can be completed online. The International Business track prepares students for a career in international business by incorporating not only business classes but studies in social science and language as well. Students will take specialized courses in international marketing, law, economics, and trade as part of the 67-credit program. The degree may be transferrable to a four-year college. Forsyth Tech also has a new 18-credit online Certificate in International Business that students can complete in two semesters. Courses cover international business, trade, marketing, law, and global communications.

Gardner-Webb University

Gardner-Webb University offers an online International Master of Business Administration for students who are interested in the global market. Students in the program learn in a variety of ways, including through internships, service opportunities, projects, simulations, meetings with business leaders, and visiting a foreign country. The IMBA requires students to complete 36 credits, including 12 credits in core business classes, 24 credits in international business classes, and a capstone course that focuses on international trade. International business courses cover topics such as international trade law, international accounting, international finance, and international marketing. The IMBA has several prerequisites, including courses in accounting, economics, finance, statistics, and management science. Prerequisites may be satisfied by completing three foundation courses.

Golden Gate University-San Francisco

Golden Gate University has online programs in international business for students at the undergraduate and graduate level. The MBA program offers a concentration in International Business and one in Global Supply Chain Management. To earn the MBA, students must complete 54 units, including 9 units in foundation courses, 30 units in core courses, and 12 units in the concentration. The capstone course covers strategic business planning. Undergrads can earn a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in International Business. Students take 33 units in global business courses, looking at topics such as doing business in various regions of the world, international banking and finance, and importing and exporting. A certificate in international business is also available online.

Minnesota State University-Mankato

Minnesota State University Mankota has an online program that allows students to complete the work for a bachelor's degree in international business. Before students can apply for admission to pursue a major in the College of Business, they must have completed at least 33 of the required 44 credits in general education and have taken prerequisites in information systems, math, and lower division business foundation courses. Once in the international business program, students will take classes such as international business management, international finance, export administration, and international business policy. Students also take two classes pertaining to one business function of their choice: marketing, finance, or management.

  • Advanced Placement Credit

15,313 Students

Minot State University

Minot State University has an online program leading to a Bachelor of Science in International Business. To earn the degree, students must complete a total of 120 credits, including about 40 general education requirements. The international business major has three sets of required coursework. Students must complete classes in statistics and economics to meet the College of Business's General Education requirement. The College of Business also requires students to complete nine business core classes, covering topics such as accounting, management, marketing, and spreadsheet applications. International business majors also take 24 to 27 credits in major courses, covering topics such as international business strategy, international corporate finance, and international marketing. Online classes follow a traditional semester calendar.

National University

National University has an online program leading to a Master of Global Management that is designed for students who currently work for a company with international operations or who aspire to work in the global market. To earn the degree, students must complete 58.5 quarter units. Core classes cover topics such as global business, culture and socialization, organizational design, international management, and finance. The capstone project requires students to create an actionable global strategic plan. Students have the option of an international experience in which they visit a foreign country to study the business, economic and cultural environment and meet with local business executives. National University also has a four-course Graduate Certificate in International Business that is offered completely online.

Northern State University

Northern State University has an online option for its Bachelor of Arts in International Business Studies. Students must complete 46 credits in core business courses and 38 to 40 credits specific to the International Business Studies major. Students need to take a minimum of eight credits in a foreign language, plus another eight credits that can be satisfied by taking more foreign language classes or participating in an international exchange program; six credits in cultural, political and geographic studies; 12 credits in required international business classes, and six credits in international business electives. Classes within the major include international financial management, international accounting, international business law, and international human resource management. Students may choose an internship as an elective.

Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University has an online MBA program that offers a concentration in International Business. Students can complete the program in as few as 21 months, and they can enter the program at five points during the year: August, October, January, March and May. The MBA program requires students to complete 39 credits, with 21 credits in core MBA classes. Students also complete six courses in the international business concentration. Courses in the concentration cover topics such as import/export principles, global marketing, and international finance. Students also have the option of completing a management internship or joining an international field seminar that takes students to a nation that is considered an emerging market.

Oklahoma Baptist University

Oklahoma Baptist University offers an International Business MBA that can be completed online except for the practicum. Students take one course at a time and can complete the degree in as little as two years. To earn the degree, students must complete 21 credits in core courses and 15 credits in the international track. One required course is the International Business Practicum, when classmates take a supervised overseas trip to study the business opportunities, limitations and culture of a host country or countries. Students meet with international business executives and gain a global view. The cost of the trip is included in tuition. Applicants without an undergraduate business degree may have to prove knowledge of basic business subjects.

  • Advanced Placement Credit

1,986 Students

Seattle Community College-North Campus

North Seattle College has an online option for its Bachelor of Applied Science in International Business. This program is open to applicants with an associate degree in any subject, although business or accounting provide the best preparation. Applicants who haven't studied business may have to take prerequisites. Students take part in an internship in the international business industry, which must include about 300 hours of participation. Students must also take a practicum, which requires a cross-cultural experience, and students who have lived in another country could be eligible for prior learning credits. The degree requires 60 upper division courses in the major. Students start in the fall and move through the program as a cohort.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University offers several online programs for students interested in international business. The online International MBA program allows students to select from 20 concentrations or to select an electives track where they can develop their own area of expertise through the selection of courses. Core courses in the IMBA program are similar to a traditional MBA but focus on doing business globally. Undergraduates can pursue an online Bachelor of Science in International Business or earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Studies with a concentration in International Management. SNHU also has a 15-credit international buisness graduate certificate program that includes two required courses and allows students to select three international business courses to complete the program.

St Petersburg College

St. Petersburg College offers a completely online Bachelor of Applied Science in International Business designed for students who have already earned an associate degree. To apply for the program, students must have at least 60 credits from an accredited college, including some general education courses and several state-mandated prerequisites for the business program, including accounting, economics, calculus, and statistics. Students seeking the international business degree must earn 33 credits in the major, including courses in legal issues in international business, managing cultural diversity, international procurement and outsourcing, and international marketing. Students end the program with a strategic capstone project where they apply their learning in a real-world situation. Courses run for eight weeks and are offered in an asynchronous format.

Thunderbird School of Global Management

Thunderbird School of Global Management offers an online program leading to a Master of Global Management that puts more emphasis on international business than do traditional management programs. Classes are available completely online in an asynchronous format, but students have the option of taking an experiential practicum abroad. They can also do a one-week residency in Arizona for a "fast track" start. Thunderbird has two suggested tracks for students, depending upon how much time they can devote to classwork. The five-semester track allows students to complete the program in about 20 months by taking two or three courses at a time. The seven-semester track takes about 28 months, with students enrolling in one or two courses at a time.

Tiffin University

Tiffin University has an online MBA program that offers a concentration in International Business. The program requires 36 credits, including both core classes and courses in the concentration area. Some of the topics covered include international trade and investments, global marketing and management, transnational management, international financial management, and management of human resources. Students end the program by completing a capstone course in which they apply their skills to solving a business problem. Online classes are typically asynchronous. Applicants should have a bachelor's degree from an accredited university with a minimum GPA of 3.0, although students with at least a 2.5 GPA and five years of professional experience will be considered.

University of Houston-Downtown

The University of Houston-Downtown offers an online degree completion program that allows students who have completed the first two years of college to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in International Business. To be admitted into the program, students must have completed their general education core classes with a minimum GPA of 2.5. The curriculum includes business core classes covering topics such as accounting, economics, marketing and finance. International business majors must take classes in international business, economics and management and gain skills in areas such as international accounting or international business law. They have the option of an international experience, such as an internship or study abroad program.

Webster University

Undergrads looking to forge global business connections should consider Webster University's online BA in Management with an emphasis in International Business. One of Webster's selling points is the Global Hybrid Courses, which mix eight weeks of online instruction with one week in a foreign country learning how to do business there. For graduate school entry, consider the Joint MBA program, which counts six hours of coursework toward both an undergraduate degree and the MBA. That MBA, by the way, features an emphasis in International Business. For over-achievers, the Walker School runs dual degrees that combine the MBA with a Master of Science degree in either Finance or Science Management and Leadership; it also sports a 12-credit graduate certificate in Global Business.

Xavier University

Though firmly ensconced in the midwest, Xavier University takes an international approach with its online MBA. After digesting foundational skills in accounting and statistics, students take on core coursework that can include a global immersion trip and a capstone in global strategic thinking. The Williams College of Business itself runs the Center for International Business, which links students with internships at multinational companies, along with six other centers covering areas such as pricing and entrepreneurship. In 2015-2016, Princeton Review named it one of the best business schools in the nation. The following year U.S. News & World Report placed its part-time MBA 33rd on its list.

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