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Savannah College of Art and Design

The Savannah College of Art and Design, or SCAD, offers a variety of online programs for students who want to earn a degree in the fine arts. Some of the degrees available online include a Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Animation, Bachelor of Arts in Sequential Art, master's programs in illustration, undergraduate and graduate degrees in photography, and an M.F.A. in Painting. Most classes are offered in an asynchronous format where students log in at a time that is convenient to them to do coursework and comment on class discussion boards. Online classes are offered on a 10-week schedule, the same calendar used for SCAD's traditional classroom courses.


Southern New Hampshire University

Students interested in digital photography can earn an online degree from Southern New Hampshire University. The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Photography requires students to take courses in topics such as lighting for photography, photographic narratives and documentary, design and color theory, and the business of photography. The program gives students a grounding in branding, business and social media in addition to helping them hone their technical skills with a digital camera. Graduates of the program can find careers in fields such as portrait photography or scientific photography. Coursework is available online 24/7, and SNHU accepts up to 90 transfer credits.


Goucher College

Goucher University offers online program leading to a Master of Arts or Master of Fine Arts in Digital Art. The M.A. is designed for creative professionals who want to use technology in their art, while the M.F.A. is designed for scholar practitioners. The program requires a limited residency, with students required to attend two face-to-face sessions a year at the Goucher campus in Baltimore, Maryland. The program is multidisciplinary and includes music, animation, web development, computer programming and new media as well as traditional art disciplines. Courses are collaborative, with students working together on projects, and students are able to compile a marketable portfolio that showcases their skills and passions.


Bellevue University

Bellevue University offers an online Master of Fine Arts in Creativity that is designed to help students make a career of their art by adding classes in entrepreneurship to the traditional M.F.A. classes focusing on art. The program defines "art" in a broad sense, so the program is open to students who are interested in fields such as public art, costume design, architecture, graphic art, or writing. The curriculum includes two on-campus residencies, which span 10 days, and two virtual residencies. Students are also required to complete seven core courses and to complete a thesis, project and presentation. Courses cover topics such as art and value creation, art market awareness, small enterprise basics, and creativity and technology.

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