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At first glance, Oklahoma isn’t as packed with virtual higher education options as other states. But money-saving initiatives and program options are there, waiting to be discovered. And we’ve uncovered them. We’ll explain where to find a ton of online degrees and courses in one place, how to complete an online degree if you have prior coursework, and where to get tuition-free college credit while you’re still in secondary school. We’ll also unveil our list of the state’s most affordable colleges as well as inform you of schools with shaky accreditation status.

Online Degrees in Oklahoma: What to Know

1. Search for Online Courses and Degrees in Oklahoma

The hardest part of researching online higher education options is knowing where to look. The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education have partially solved that problem by creating the Online College of Oklahoma. Technically, 27 public institutions (two-year and four-year) participate in the electronic campus, but you’ll see that in practice only about a dozen place their online and hybrid degree programs or individual courses there. You can search by term, subject and school. If you’re coming from outside the Sooner State, you can also filter for programs offered at the electronic rate, meaning you won’t have to pay out-of-state tuition.

2. Discover Online Programs Throughout the South

Need more options? Oklahoma is one of 15 states participating in the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Electronic Campus. SREB maintains an online program & course catalog, so it’s easy to see what’s available. Eight Oklahoma universities participate in the Electronic Campus, but you won’t need it to find Sooner State schools — that’s what the Online College of Oklahoma is for. Instead, use the Electronic Campus to find cheaper programs across the South. Any program labelled “E” charges the electronic rate, which is the same for all students regardless of their residency.

A similar SREB initiative — the Academic Common Market-Electronic Campus (ACM-EC) — lets you pay in-state tuition for specific out-of-state degrees not available in Oklahoma. To take advantage of the lower tuition, you must be admitted to the university and get certified as an Oklahoma resident. Read the instructions on the website.

3. “Reach Higher” for Degree Completion

Are you an adult with a bunch of coursework to your name but no degree to show for it? Reach Higher, the state’s degree completion program, may be able to help. Apply for admission to one of 14 community colleges or eight public universities, transfer in earned credits, and then work toward finishing your degree. You have two options: a two-year degree in Enterprise Development or a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership.

There are five class start dates per year and each class is eight weeks long; the accelerated pace means you can finish quickly. Plus, to increase flexibility, the participating schools have placed many courses online. At some schools, you can take most of the program online, whereas others skew toward evening and weekend work. To help you out, we’ve pointed out the schools on our list that offer Reach Higher degrees and noted which learning format they take.

Affordable Online Schools in Oklahoma

Oklahoma must be doing something right. Several public universities — and one private one — met our criteria for quality, flexibility, cost and financial aid. (See the CAG Score next to the school’s profile in the rankings.) To see how these schools stack up against others in the state, visit College Scorecard, a government website that lets you compare graduation rates, costs and earnings potential.

  • Cameron University

    Cameron University’s Distance Learning Office does a few unique things. First, it not only lists its online undergraduate and graduate programs but also breaks down its hybrid programs so you can quickly see what percentage of each is taught through distance formats. Second, its Interdisciplinary Studies majors — at the associate and bachelor’s levels — are custom-built for active duty military and individuals who want to craft their own degree paths. Last, Cameron’s Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership is part of the state’s Reach Higher degree completion program for adults. It’s in a hybrid format, but the amount of online coursework you do is partly dependent on which concentration you choose — communication or business.

    If you’re just looking to pick up a few classes and not embark on a full program, Cameron has those too. Navigate to the current course schedule. Under “method” select “online” or “hybrid.”

    Sorry, non-Oklahomans: You’ll pay more for your online degree than residents will at this public university. See the tuition and fees section of the website for a full breakdown. Then visit the Office of Financial Assistance because who doesn’t like free money?

  • Northeastern State University

    NSU Online lists its graduate and undergraduate degrees in one place, right next to its catalog of upcoming courses. (NSU participates in Reach Higher, and you’ll find the BS in Organizational Leadership here.) It’s a state university, so non-Oklahomans pay more than Oklahomans in tuition and fees, with a caveat. The university gives a Quad State Scholarship to residents of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. The scholarship is worth anywhere from 40 to 100 percent of the difference between resident and nonresident tuition, depending on transfer status, standardized test scores and GPA. Meanwhile, the Office of Student Financial Services is ready to help everyone — whether Oklahoman, quad state resident or other.

    If you don’t need credit or financial aid, consider taking one of NSU’s online certificate or professional development programs. You’ll pay the sticker price, but you may also advance your career in less time.

  • Northwestern Oklahoma State University

    You may have missed them because Northwestern Oklahoma State doesn’t list its programs on the Oklahoma Electronic Campus or SREB Electronic Campus, but Northwestern Oklahoma State University runs a pair of fully online degrees in addition to its BS in Organizational Leadership, which uses flexible scheduling but not strictly distance learning.

    Nonresidents technically pay nearly double per credit in online tuition and fees, but the school’s tuition waiver policy allows everyone but international students to waive nearly all of the extra cost if they keep a minimum GPA (2.0 for undergrads and 3.0 for graduate students). That’s a really good deal.

  • Oklahoma Baptist University

    Oklahoma Baptist University offers online courses, not full-fledged distance programs. So keep in mind that you’ll probably have to register as a full-time traditional student to enroll in online classes. If your main reason for wanting to study online is cost, making OBU your home base may not be a bad idea. As of 2016, it boasted the lowest net price of any private nonprofit university in the state. See how the school does it by reading its financial aid webpage. There, you can learn about net cost after tuition and fees, plus available scholarships.

  • Oklahoma State University-Main Campus

    OCampus links prospective students to OSU’s online degree and certificate options as well as an online course search tool. (Remember to filter for online or hybrid classes.) Virtual students can take advantage of many of the same resources as their on-campus peers, including free writing and math tutoring. Of course, they have to pay for their studies just like traditional students do. The Office of the Bursar spells out tuition and fees while the Financial Aid Office works with students to lower the net cost.

  • Southwestern Oklahoma State University

    Distance learning comes in four formats at Southwestern Oklahoma State: online, interactive television, webinar and blended (with its Reach Higher degree falling under the latter). Click on the degree you’re interested in to read a program description, learn about tuition and fees, and find out about any program-specific scholarships. (FYI: Southwestern Oklahoma State doesn’t list its degrees on the Oklahoma Electronic Campus or SREB Electronic Campus.) For general tuition info, look at the admissions page. Other money details are on the Student Financial Services page — use the menu on the left to navigate to cost-saving methods such as scholarships, loans and tax benefits.

    One way to save money? Be in high school. Seniors within the state can get tuition (not fees) waived for six credits per semester (including the summer term) if they pursue concurrent enrollment. Concurrent enrollees and all others should check out the available courses on SWOSU’s online catalog.

  • University of Central Oklahoma

    The Center for eLearning and Continuing Education is your portal to UCO’s online course catalog as well as info about self-paced online courses (SPOC) that allow flexibility. Since UCO doesn’t do fully online programs, you’ll have to register as a traditional student and pay according to the established tuition and fee schedule. Financial aid is available, even for self-paced coursework.

    But what about higher education outside the traditional ages? UCO’s got you covered. Juniors and seniors in high school may receive a tuition waiver if they pursue concurrent enrollment at UCO, though this does not apply toward flex-ed (SPOC). On the other end of the educational spectrum, adult learners can enroll in the BS in Organizational Leadership program, which is part of the Reach Higher initiative. Not all courses are online, but even the “traditional” courses are offered at times and in formats that maximize accessibility for working adults.

  • University of Oklahoma Norman Campus

    University of Oklahoma doesn’t list its programs on the Oklahoma Electronic Campus or SREB Electronic Campus, so OU Outreach is the place to find the school’s online degrees. Follow the links to the College of Liberal Studies to access tuition, scholarship and financial aid info. There, you’ll discover that nonresident military and homeland security law enforcement personnel can get a tuition waiver that brings the cost down to the same rate as Oklahomans. For individual courses, search the catalog.

    Still in secondary school? Concurrent enrollment is a cheap route to accumulating college credits before you even start filling out applications. Just use the same course catalog and check the box for “concurrent enroll options.”

    OU has a couple of other options if financial aid eligibility isn’t a deal breaker. One is its online self-paced courses. They aren’t eligible for financial aid, but nonresidents can take them at the in-state rate. The other is online career training. OU maintains a catalog of 1,000+ individually priced career training courses/programs.

Online Schools in Oklahoma with Accreditation & Quality Concerns

Do yourself a favor and take accreditation seriously. For one thing, it’s a stamp of approval from other educators. For another thing, attending an accredited school makes your life easier when it comes to receiving financial aid and transferring credits. We’ll explain:

  • The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is the regional accrediting body for Oklahoma colleges and universities. HLC accreditation is desirable for two simple reasons: Students at HLC-accredited institutions are eligible for federal financial aid and can usually transfer their credits to other schools (even if they only count as electives). You can see all the current and former HLC institutions in Oklahoma on the HLC website.
  • On the HLC website click on any “Public Disclosure Notices.” In short, these explain any negative actions the HLC has taken against a school and what the school must do to avoid losing its accreditation status.
  • Many career colleges opt for national accreditation. Going this route allows their students to apply for federal financial aid. However, many regionally accredited schools don’t accept credits from nationally accredited ones, so take caution if your academic plan involves transferring. For a full list of all regionally and nationally accredited institutions, check the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) Database.

The overwhelming majority of Oklahoma institutions provide a first-rate education to their students. There are a few, however, who have run afoul of government regulators and/or accreditors … or who have avoided accreditation altogether:

  • DeVry University

    For-profit DeVry is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, but that status can always change. In 2016, the Federal Trade Commission sued DeVry for misleading advertising relating to graduate employment and income claims. Later that year, the Higher Learning Commission, while not taking direct disciplinary action against the university, did request information related to the FTC’s claims, according to a public disclosure notice.

  • Eastern Oklahoma State College

    In 2014, the U.S. Department of Education (DoE) reviewed the school and discovered that an off-campus learning site was offering degrees without government authorization. As a result, the DoE ordered Eastern to pay back a lot of financial aid money. It also placed the school on heightened cash monitoring 2 (HCM2), which essentially means the school’s on a short leash when it comes to doling out financial aid. The school reports that it’s working with the DoE to correct the issue, but that the HCM2 system has occasionally “caused a delay in students receiving their financial aid and loans.”

  • Heartland Baptist Bible College

    Heartland, which offers correspondence courses through its extension studies department, states that it chooses not to seek accreditation for religious reasons. Therefore, it is not in the CHEA database or on College Scorecard.

Oklahoma Online Education Resources


Distance Learning Resources

Online Degree & Course Catalogs

  • Online College of Oklahoma: Search for degrees and courses from Oklahoma’s public colleges and universities, including Cameron, Northeastern State, OSU and UCO.
  • Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Electronic Campus: See all the same degrees and courses from the Online College of Oklahoma plus those from 14 other Southern states. If you’re coming from out of state, you’ll be able to see which ones don’t charge nonresidents extra.

School Rankings


University of Oklahoma Norman Campus

The University of Oklahoma's University Outreach program allows working adults to earn a graduate or undergraduate degree completely online. The College of Liberal Studies offers several online degrees, including programs that lead to a Bachelor of Arts in Administrative Leadership, Liberal Studies, Lifespan Care Administration, or World Cultural Studies, and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Online undergraduate classes are offered in an accelerated, eight-week format. Students typically take two online courses in the first half of a semester and another two in the second half of the semester, completing four classes each semester, but some students take three classes each eight-week term to accelerate the time to their degree. Graduate degrees offered in a 100 percent online format are a Master of Arts in Administrative Leadership, M.A. in Human and Health Services Administration, M.A. in Museum Studies, Master of Prevention Science, and Master of Science in Criminal Justice. Classes at the graduate level follow a traditional semester calendar. Online students at all levels are assigned an adviser who helps them create an individualized graduation plan.

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission

CAG Score 94.6

  • Advanced Placement Credit
  • DSST Credit
  • CLEP Credit
  • ROTC Program

27,261 Students


Oklahoma State University-Main Campus

Oklahoma State University's online division, called OCampus, offers two bachelor's degree completion programs and more than a dozen options for earning a master's degree online. The degree completion programs allow students who already have an associate degree to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or Electrical Engineering Technology. Master's degrees are offered in agriculture, agriculture education, business administration, MBA-telecommunications management, industrial engineering and management, electrical and computer engineering, engineering and technology management, entrepreneurship, gerontology, management information systems, telecommunications management, human environmental science with an option in family financial planning, and nutritional sciences with an option in dietetics. Classes delivered online typically allow students to watch a streaming video of recorded class lectures or otherwise attend class at the time of their choosing; content is delivered completely online. Some classes require proctored tests. The amount of time required to complete a degree varies by program and how many classes a student takes per semester. Oklahoma State University offers online students a distance-only fee waiver per credit hour and also grants a waiver for non-resident active duty military personnel that brings their tuition for online classes to nearly the in-state rate.

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission

CAG Score 95.3

  • Advanced Placement Credit
  • DSST Credit
  • CLEP Credit
  • ROTC Program

25,962 Students


Northeastern State University

Northeastern State University offers more than 400 courses online, including all the coursework needed for a student to complete a variety of bachelor's or master's degrees. All of the bachelor's degrees offered through NSU Online are geared toward students who have an associate degree or who have completed a substantial amount of college work previously. Programs are available for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (open to working registered nurses), and bachelor's degrees in criminal justice, health care administration, hospitality and tourism management, medical laboratory sciences, organizational leadership, and supply chain management. Graduate degrees available include Master of Arts in American Studies, a flexible, interdisciplinary program that allows a candidate to create an individualized program focusing on cultural studies, history, or politics. The other two available online graduate degrees are a Master of Education in Reading and a Master of Education in Science Education. NSU also offers a variety of non-credit professional development programs and certificates that can be completed online or in a blended format that mixes online classwork with face-to-face meetings.

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission

CAG Score 95.4

  • Advanced Placement Credit
  • DSST Credit
  • CLEP Credit
  • ROTC Program

8,310 Students


Southwestern Oklahoma State University

At Southwestern Oklahoma University, three programs are offered in an online environment, which features coursework delivered online in an asynchronous format that allows students to log on at a time of their choosing to view course materials and participate in class discussion boards. The university also recently introduced a webinar delivery format, in which classes are delivered online but students are required to be online at a specific day and time to view live lectures and interact with classmates. Programs offered in the asynchronous format include a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree-completion program for working nurses, a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management, and a Master of Science in Health Care Informatics and Information Management. The 36-credit master's degree has a thesis option and a non-thesis option. The non-thesis option requires a capstone project and professional practice experience. The program that is delivered in the webinar format leads to a Master of Education in Educational Administration. Applicants to the program must have a valid teaching license and at least two years of experience as a classroom teacher. As part of the program, candidates must complete a principal internship.

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission

CAG Score 95.0

  • Advanced Placement Credit
  • DSST Credit
  • CLEP Credit
  • ROTC Program

4,994 Students


Rogers State University

Rogers State University has been a leader in online education in Oklahoma, where it was the first college to offer online classes back in 1992. Today, RSU offers a range of associate and bachelor's degree programs that are open only to residents of Oklahoma. Students can earn their entire bachelor's degree though online work, with no need at come to campus. RSU's online classes follow a traditional 16-week semester format and are offered in the spring, summer, and fall. Most of the classes are offered in an asynchronous format that allows students to do the work whenever they want. Associate degrees offered are Associate in Applied Science in Applied Technology, Associate of Science in Computer Science, and Associate of Arts in Business Administration. The Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts offers options in English or global humanities. Bachelor's degrees are available in liberal arts (English or global humanities), business administration, business information technology (software development and multimedia, or computer network administration), organizational leadership, or applied technology (renewable energy management). Online students have access to distance library services.

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission


University of Central Oklahoma

The Center for eLearning and Customized Education (CeCE) at UCO offers several online classes in the following fields: Business & Career, Medical/Health Care, Personal Enrichment, Public & Environmental Safety, and Technology. CeCE also has law and legal certificate programs including a paralegal certificate course, a legal secretary certificate course and an advance legal research and writing certificate course. CeCE uses different eLearning tools in the creation and delivery of its online courses including SoftChalk cloud, Lectora and the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission

CAG Score 95.2

  • Advanced Placement Credit
  • DSST Credit
  • CLEP Credit
  • ROTC Program

16,840 Students


East Central University

East Central University offers four graduate programs that can be earned entirely online. The Master of Education with the Secondary Education-Educational Technology option is a 32-credit program that gives teachers skills in designing and implementing digital learning tools, and students also learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of these environments. The 32-credit Master of Education with the Secondary Education-Sports Administration focus is designed for teachers who want to work in positions such as athletic director or head coach in a school. The 32-credit library media program results in a Master of Education degree, and students who hold a valid Oklahoma teaching certificate can become a certified library media specialist at the end of the program by passing the state test. Teachers with a valid license and at least two years of teaching experience can enter the online program in educational leadership to gain the skills needed to be a K-12 administrator. All online programs follow the same semester schedule as on-campus classes at ECU.

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission


Cameron University

Cameron University offers two associate degrees, two bachelor's degrees and two master's degrees in a totally online format. Additionally, the university has a wide range of programs where much of the required coursework can be completed online, from the Associate of Science in Business, which is 96 percent online, to the Bachelor of Arts in English, where 64 percent of the work can be covered online. Fully online options are the Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice, the Associate in Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, MBA, and Master of Science in Organizational Leadership. Cameron University maintains testing facilities in the area where online students can take proctored exams, although students who live more than 30 miles from campus must make their own arrangements for proctoring. Online students have access to an IT helpdesk and can access all of the university library's online resources. Students needing full texts of items not online can request that the materials be sent to their home.

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission

CAG Score 93.8

  • Advanced Placement Credit
  • DSST Credit
  • CLEP Credit
  • ROTC Program

5,537 Students


Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Northwestern Oklahoma State University offers online degree-completion programs in nursing and business. The nursing program is an RN to BSN program that grants advanced standing to experienced RNs. Nursing students can enroll at the start of any semester, and the program is offered 100 percent online with no need to come to campus. Traditional clinic hours are not required. Applicants must have an associate degree or diploma in nursing with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Northwestern Oklahoma's online business options are a Bachelor of Science with a major in accounting or business administration and a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences with a major in technical management, which includes an alternative energy option. Applicants who have completed all their general education requirements should be able to complete the program entirely online. The university rotates courses so that all necessary classes are offered online at least once a year. Most of the classes are offered in an asynchronous format, although one senior class requires students to log on at a set time. Most classes follow the 16-week semester schedule, although there are a few eight-week classes. Summer courses generally last for eight weeks.

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission

CAG Score 94.2

  • Advanced Placement Credit
  • DSST Credit
  • CLEP Credit
  • ROTC Program

2,166 Students


University of Tulsa

The University of Tulsa is home to three online master's programs, one in business and two in law and policy. The Master of Energy Business is an online program designed for individuals who are already working in the energy sector and who want to prepare for managerial positions. Students in the M.E.B. program must attend two residency seminars that are scheduled for long weekends, either in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or another energy center. The rest of the coursework is delivered online. The program is designed for part-time students, who can complete the 34 credits required in two years. Applicants should have an undergraduate degree in a related field, such as engineering or business, and at least two years of professional experience. The University of Tulsa College of Law offers two online graduate degrees in law and policy that are designed for non-lawyers. The options are Master of Jurisprudence in Energy Law and Master of Jurisprudence in Indian Law. Students may pursue either degree on a full-time or part-time basis, and candidates can complete the degree in about two years.

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission


Oral Roberts University

Oral Roberts University has an online learning program designed for adult learners and non-traditional students. Undergrads can earn their bachelor's degree in an accelerated format by taking two online classes each seven-week session. Classes are offered all year long, with two terms each in the fall, spring, and summer. Students may enroll in the program before the start of any seven-week session. Bachelor's degrees available online include business administration, biblical literature, Christian caregiving and counseling, church ministries, government, information technology, international business and ministry, leadership studies, liberal studies, management, psychology, and communication. The college also has an on online program for RNs who want to complete work towards a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Oral Roberts also offers an online Leadership MBA, which is delivered 100 percent online in an asynchronous format. The MBA program follows a cohort model so students develop a support network with their peers. Online students at ORU are eligible for financial aid, but the university does not offer any scholarships for any of its online programs.

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission


Oklahoma Christian University

Oklahoma Christian University has an online bachelor degree-completion program for nurses and an MBA program that can be completed online. The MBA program offers eight specialty tracks: accounting, finance, health services management, human services, international business, leadership and organizational development, marketing, and project management. Students have the option of receiving a general MBA instead of specializing. The MBA program is open to students with a bachelor's degree in any field, although students who did not study business as an undergraduate must take preparatory courses in economic and quantitative analysis, marketing and the legal environment, accounting and financial resources, and organizational and operations management. Most students can complete the degree in one to two years. Oklahoma Christian's degree-completion program for working nurses with a diploma or associate degree in nursing leads to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Classes are offered in an eight-week format, and students can take one or two classes per term. Students can gain academic credit for some life experiences. Online students at Oklahoma Christian have access to an IT helpdesk, online library resources, and career services.

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission


Southern Nazarene University

Southern Nazarene University offers 100-percent online bachelor's degree-completion programs and master's degrees. Courses are delivered in five-week or six-week modules, and they are asynchronous so that students can perform classwork around their personal schedules. Many of the programs offer multiple start dates throughout the year. Online students have access to technical support and academic support. Undergraduate online students at Southern Nazarene can earn a bachelor's degree in business administration, organizational leadership, or network management. Students in the network management program can prepare for a variety of industry certificates as part of their studies. The online MBA program offers both a generalist track and a health care administration track. Each MBA program requires 40 credits, and students take the courses in a prescribed sequence that they can complete in 22 months. The Master of Arts in Sport Management and Administration is offered in a 100 percent online format. Students must complete 12 courses for 36 credits, and students can earn the degree in about a year and a half.

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission


Oklahoma City University

The online, or distance learning, graduate programs that Oklahoma City University offers are built on live-streaming technology, with online students taking part in the on-campus class as it happens. Classes are also recorded so that students can rewatch the lectures later. Business graduate degrees available online include MBA generalist track, Master of Science in Energy Management, and Master of Science in Energy Legal Studies. The online graduate business programs offered by Oklahoma City University's Meinders School of Business ranked No. 22 on the U.S. News and World Report listing of Best Online Graduate Business Programs (non-MBA) in 2016. In the live-streaming classes, students use technology to ask questions and to the participate in classroom discussions. Classes meet one night a week. Both of the energy-related master's programs require students to complete 30 credits, and no prerequisites are required. The programs use a cohort model, and students can complete the program in two years.

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission


Oklahoma Baptist University

Oklahoma Baptist University offers online programs in business and nursing. Nurses can earn a Master of Science in Nursing, either as a standalone degree or as part of an RN to MSN program. The regular MSN program is for working adults and can be completed in as few as 18 months taking one course at a time. Two tracks are available: nursing education and global nursing. Students in the RN to MSN program can finish in about two years, and the online courses are delivered in intensive sessions. The MBA program gives students the option of earning the degree completely online or in a hybrid format. Students can complete the degree in about two years by taking one class at a time. MBA candidates choose a specialty area: project management, leadership, energy management, or international business. Students also have the option of working toward a graduate certificate in any of those specialties without taking the core MBA courses

Accreditation: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission

CAG Score 92.8

  • Advanced Placement Credit
  • DSST Credit
  • CLEP Credit
  • ROTC Program

1,979 Students


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